Whitney McDuff

Jeannie Spiro

Debbie Shadid

"My mission is to help wedding businesses succeed! I’ve been successful and I want them to be too. I wasn’t enrolling enough people into my bootcamp.


Donna helped me tweak my program & marketing. It spoke to my ideal client so well that in less than 3 weeks I had sold 10 clients into the program.


I made over $10K! I was stuck and she made it simple -thank you!"

Melinda Gore

"My goal for joining Donna’s program was to create a companion course for my book. Not only have I created the course, but I’ve created an online business. I’ve purchased programs in the past, but until working with Donna, they sat on my laptop unused. The wealth of information and true understanding of the world of online courses I have gained from her is invaluable. It’s knowledge that will continue to serve me well in every endeavor regardless of what it is."

Alicia Thorp

"I was not sure how to create a course that would create a profit as well as be informative for my audience. I have been able to enroll new clients and really perform better as a mentor using the course I created [with Donna's help]. I was able to really become specific on who my target audience was. I was able to use Donna to guide me on putting a great course together plus how to deliver it successfully!"

Katie Blomquist

"I’ve already had 3 people sign up! That’s $3K-$5K in 8 weeks and I’m just getting started.


I started out hosting intensive workshops but found it was just too much info all at once for people. And then, I met Donna. She told me about how I could turn my workshop into an online course! Since I began taking her program, Donna has explained everything I need to do to make my own course successful in an easy to understand way. I’ve already had 3 people sign up and 2 more as strong maybes!


Donna has encouraged me along the way and has been my biggest cheerleader! If you are thinking about starting your own online course, I highly recommended letting Donna teach you how!”

Emer Watchorn

"Since working with Donna, I can honestly say I have managed to push past my fears of running my business. Putting my course together was a scary and sometimes stressful, but it was absolutely worth the time, energy, effort, and finances.


Only yesterday I sold my package for $1297euros - I am absolutely thrilled! 


Especially since I doubted the cost but then I realized that was my own insecurity which I needed to get past. Which I did, with the help of Donna. I have grown and learned so much working with Donna and being a part of the Leverage Your Brilliance and Mastermind groups have really boosted my confidence. I know for sure I could not have achieved what I have in this short space of time if it was not for Donna’s expertise and experience."

Liz Wolfe

"Donna was instrumental in supporting me to create and launch an online course after talking about doing it for many years.


She made it easy to implement that step-by-step process that she has perfected to bring an idea to fruition in the form of a revenue-generating course. I enrolled 6 students into my beta launch!


She was tremendously helpful to me in formulating compelling marketing language for my course’s sales page & emails. Best of all, she coached me through all my fears about launching a course, & I’m so much further along in my business as a result."