Do you want to create a course-based income stream so you can work less hours?  


Are you wanting to impact more people with your years of expertise in a deeper way?  


Have you wondered how to take your knowledge and generate income online?  


Do you need something that works for you even when you don't?


Do you want to bring leveraged income into your business model?

You are meant for big things.


Your life's purpose and mission is to share your experience
and knowledge to help others.


And to create an abundant life so you can enjoy the things you love to do and support a freedom-based lifestyle and allow you to...

  • Create consistent, leveraged income
  • Impact lives all over the world
  • Monetize being the expert in your field

Are you waiting and hoping for a breakthrough?

What has this program done for you?

"Donna helped me tweak my program & marketing. It spoke to my ideal client so well that in less than 3 weeks I had sold 10 clients into the program.


I made over $10K! I was stuck and she made it simple -thank you!"

Debbie Shadid

Wedding Business Success Coach

"This was HUGE success for me. I went into this event feeling confidence with the programs that I was offering and got the highest results EVER!”


“Donna looked at creating my programs in a totally new way and was able to structure them so clearly that 85% of those who attended my event bought into one of the two programs. Donna redesigned my programs by leveraging my time and creating a better result for my clients.


Of all my live events, this was the easiest time EVER to enroll into my programs. The numbers are still rolling in but I made close to $250,000."

Jeannie Spiro


MY LIST WAS ONLY 500 PEOPLE and growing at a snail’s pace. Only a few courses were selling, here and there.


I didn’t want to continue barely getting by.
I wanted a six-figure course business.


I had to do something new and different.

I invested in a high-level program to learn to put together a working sales funnel.

So, I set up my funnel, positioned my course as “high end” and things fell into place.  Within 2 months, I started generating consistent income and I finally hit 6-figures that year.

The best part - I was helping so many more people!


Today, my automated process allows me FREEDOM.

I work only a few hours each day. I take Friday's off..I hired a team to support me and my growth.  
I finally stepped into being the CEO of my business and life.

I've now helped hundreds of course creators take the leap into additional revenue without working more.


Since Katie started with the Leverage Your Business Program, she has doubled her monthly business income.


And you can see those results, too.

I want you to...

  • Succeed so you can help so many others.

  • Experience your dream life and business.

  • Love what you do each and everyday.

  • Have the confidence from having a solid working plan for your business.

Most think that creating an online course business is an overwhelming process.
These myths and beliefs are floating around the internet (or maybe in their heads)...  


“It will take too much time.”


“Do I have something people will want?”


“I'm terrible with technology.”


“I have no idea how to sell it.”


But those things just aren't true. At least, not the way I teach it.  


I have a proven system that gets quick results. I've taken everything I've learned from 10+ years of creating online courses and teaching others how to rock it with their courses and put together into Leverage Your Brilliance.

Donna was instrumental in supporting me to create and launch an online course after talking about doing it for many years.

Liz Wolfe


Leverage Your Brilliance

    In our time together you will...

    • Repurpose your expertise into a sellable business asset

    • Define the best transformational training for your clients and readers

    • Hone your teaching process to teach one to many

    • Learn how to fill and market your new course

    • Build your community of ideal students who love your work

    • Design a working marketing plan and funnel to scale your sales


    Benefits of the Program

    • Bring your course idea to life in a format that sells.

    • Get crystal clear on your ideal student, what they want and the best way to deliver their course so they can’t wait to buy it.

    • Choose a portal for your course that fits your goals, technology skills, and budget.

    • Presell your beta course just weeks after getting started for final proof of concept and generate cash flow.

    • Begin building your community of ideal clients.

    • Design a funnel that automates the process of selling your course and saves you time while making it easier.

    • Learn to drive traffic through organic and/or paid methods for consistent cash flow.

    • Take your business online and much more!

    What You'll Learn

    Take a look inside the course!


    • Course Idea

      Choose a course topic that will sell well and be profitable - don't worry if it will sell before you start. 

    • Course Outcome

      Get clear about what the benefits of your course will be and why people would want to invest in it. 

    • Ideal Student

      Develop a student avatar who's needs correspond with your Course Outcome.


    • Feedback Results

      Review feedback you've received on your course concept and make the necessary adjustments.

    • Teaching Process Online

      Learn how to effectively teach others virtually.

    • Title and Price

      Decide on a title and a final purchase price for your course. 

    • Support Materials

      Create materials to help support your students as they learn.

    • Bonuses

      Develop eye-catching bonuses to add more value to your course. 


    • Overview of Beta

      Develop an outline of your beta course.

    • Presell Marketing

      Learn how to sell your beta course to the public.

    • Enroll Beta Students

      Enroll your new leads into your beta program.

    • Run Your Beta

      Launch your beta course. 

    Melinda Gore

    Health & Wellness Coach

    My goal for joining Donna’s program was to create a companion course for my book. Not only have I created the course, but I’ve created an online business. I’ve purchased programs in the past, but until working with Donna, they sat on my laptop unused. The wealth of information and true understanding of the world of online courses I have gained from her is invaluable. It’s knowledge that will continue to serve me well in every endeavor regardless of what it is.


    • Pick a Portal

      Decide which online platform you'll choose to host your course on.

    • Payments

      Choose what payments method you'll accept and set them up. 

    • Set up Teachable

      A helpful guide on setting up Teachable. 

    • Set up Kartra

      A helpful guide on setting up Kartra.


    • Recording Overview

      An overview and best practices for recording your content.

    • How to Record

      A helpful guide for when you begin recording your content.

    • Slides

      How to create intriguing slides for your students.

    • Equipment

      An overview of the equipment you'll need to record your content.

    • Flow

      How your class should flow from one subject to the next.

    Emer Watchorn

    Mindset Coach

    Since working with Donna I have managed to push past my fears of running my business. Putting my course together was a scary and sometimes stressful time but absolutely worth the time energy effort and finances.


    Only yesterday I sold my package for $1297euros- I am absolutely thrilled! 


    Especially since I doubted the cost but then I realized that was my own insecurity - which I got past, with the help of Donna. I have grown and learned so much working with Donna and being a part of the Leverage Your Brilliance and Mastermind groups have really boosted my confidence. I know for sure I could not have achieved what I have in this short space of time if it was not for Donna’s expertise.


    • Teachable - How to Upload Content

      A walkthrough guide to uploading your content on the Teachable Platform.

    • Kartra - How to Upload Content

      A walkthrough guide to uploading your content on the Kartra platform.

    • Confirmation Email

      Writing the email to leads who have purchased your course. 

    • BONUS Kartra Tutorial

      An extra surprise bonus training for the Kartra platform!


    • Webinar Flow & Content

      Develop a webinar that will both teach your audience and introduce them to your offer. 

    Alicia Thorp

    Mindset Mentor

    I was not sure how to create a course that would create a profit as well as be informative for my audience. I have been able to enroll new clients and really perform better as a mentor using the course I created. I was able to really become specific on who my target audience was. I was able to use Donna to guide me on putting a great course together plus how to deliver it successfully!


    • Funnel Overview

      Learn what a sales funnel is and why you need one in your business. 

    • Breakdown

      Dive deeper into each aspect of the sales funnel.

    • Behind the Scenes

      Learn about the tech that makes your funnel work.


    • Industry Marketing Trends

      Learn effective marketing strategies (yes - modern to 2020!) to engage your audience. 

    • Teach Your Students

      Provide value and education to your students (and audience!). 

    • Business Systems

      Learn what programs and systems to use to help keep your business organized and moving forward. 

    Whitney McDuff

    Founder, Proteus Speaker Consultanting

    "My beta launch was a huge success.  I enrolled 13 people and made about $10,000

    I wanted to create more freedom for myself and my schedule so I could focus more on my family. I was also at a place in my business that I was ready to scale but unclear about what that looked like.  Donna provided clarity and a strategy for how I could open up my calendar while increasing my income through a course.


    My goal was to make $5,000, which I ended up doubling by the time [my program] launched.


    Mindset was a huge thing for me as well as committing the time it would take because I lacked clarity on what I was building.  Donna was an amazing accountability partner and gave me the path I needed to take actionable steps to building and launching the course.


    Building and launching the course gave me the income I needed to be able to make decisions from a calm and productive space instead of a money-panicked one.  It was also an incredible confidence booster in knowing that my skill set was something people wanted to learn about.  It’s been a real joy getting to help people get where they want to go.


    • Lead Magnets

      Create free resources to collect leads and begin building a loyal community. 

    • Social Media

      Learn how to stay connected and engaged with your followers on social media. 

    • Email Service Provider

      Decide which email service provider you'll choose to stay in touch with your audience. 


    • Overview

      Learn the basics of driving traffic to your sales funnel.

    • Organic Traffic & Outreach

      Learn how to generate organic followers. 

    • Live Launch

      Launch your live webinar!


    • Overview

      Review all the work you've done and how it's impacting your business.

    • Beyond the Program

      Learn how to use the knowledge you've gained in this program to recreate the same successful launches for years to come. 



    Webinar Funnel Setup

    We'll set up all your techy back-end stuff so you don't have to DIY it!

    • Landing Page

      A branded landing page for your students to register for your free webinar

    • Email Sequences & Automations

      Share class details with your students, send reminders to join, and introduce them into a sales sequence where they can learn about the benefits of your paid offer.

    • Sales Page

      A beautifully designed & organized sales page to teach your leads all about your paid offer.

    • Evergreen

      Easily transition your live webinar into an evergreen video available instantly for your leads.

    Value: $999


    Kartra Portal Setup

    We'll get all of the Kartra dashboard set up with your business details & branding. 

    • Membership Site

      Set up the complete structure of your course.

    • Products

      Input your paid offers, payment methods and arrangements, etc.

    Value: $699


    Weekly Q&A Calls

    for questions, ideas, and moving you forward quicker. We'll talk each Thursday so you know exactly what you should be doing and how to do it; plus, the calls are recorded and available in the learning portal.

    Interactive FB Group

    for sharing and support anytime you need it. Your peers will comment and support, but I'll be there to answer your questions and offer feedback M - F.

    Material Reviews

    You'll get personal feedback and tweaking from our team= Surveys, Title, Pricing, Outline, Sales Page & Webinar

    Extra Bonuses

    Bonus #1

    Virtual Course Idea Assessment Session: we’ll niche down your topic for maximum profits and impact.


    ($2000 Value)

    Bonus #2

    Complimentary Ticket to Donna’s next Work Less, Make More Live! Event


    ($297 Value)

    What happens after you apply?

    Your application will be reviewed and if it's a good fit we'll schedule a 50 minute session so I can see if Leverage Your Brilliance is the right program for you!

    Either me or one of my coaches will facilitate this valuable session to get you clear on your next steps and how an online course could benefit your business.

    Leverage Your Brilliance

    is a specialized, exclusive program for practitioners, professionals, executives, coaches, authors and those with expertise ready to be repurposed into an online course that will impact many ideal clients.


    It's an intense (but not overwhelming) 12 weeks of moving you closer to your passive income goal. At the end of the program you'll have everything you need to have your course launched and have the systems and automation to support your growing business.  


    Your work is amazing and needs to be out in the world in a bigger way. Forget the distractions and shiny objects that are a waste of energy. It's time to take charge of your income potential and create something that is a business asset.


    Something that creates time and money freedom & makes a difference in many lives.  


    A tool that can be repurposed again and again AND that brings you visibility in your market. And since I thrive on step-by-step, I've done the hard work for you. I've taken away the overwhelm and confusion to make creating an online course simple & quick.  


    I promise to give all of my expertise, knowledge, experience and support during our time working together in this program. I'll take you under my wing and help you birth your amazing course in just a few weeks.  


    You'll discover how great your impact can be in helping your ideal students get the greatest transformation. And how this course can transform you business and life into freedom and abundance.

      Who is this for?

      Leverage Your Brilliance is for the high-achieving author, professional, executive or content creator who is 100% committed to getting their gifts out to many and create consistent, leveraged income.

      • You're an entrepreneur who is exhausted from working too hard, too many hours or with too many clients and want to get your life back.

      • You're an expert who wants to have an additional way for clients to work with you that teaches them your process even when you are out to dinner or at a soccer game.

      • You want an abundant lifestyle business - one that affords time with family, travel and living your best life.

      Who is this NOT for??

      • Someone who is brand new in business or has not worked with clients or has no content to repurpose.

      • Entrepreneurs in urgent need of income (this takes a few weeks to get up and running).

      • Business owners that don't "teach" or "guide" their clients.

      Are you In?


      I really hope so.  


      Why? Because I know how it will revolutionize your business & life.  

      I want you to unlock your earning potential. I want you to have business time-freedom where you can take a vacation or a day at the beach and still make money.  


      But, mostly I want you to experience how amazing a successful business can be! The more successful you are - the more lives you touch with your gifts. That rocks. And so do you. That's why I hope you see the value of online courses and how they can catapult your business to new levels, without chasing your tail.  


      One thing I have learned from 9+ years of running a successful online business- you can slowly figure it all out by yourself with struggles, wasted time and money...  

      Or you can reach out and let me pull you up and ease your way.  


      We can do it together.  

      I can't wait to do this with you!  



      WHY WAIT?

      Leverage Your Business

      • Build a passive income stream

      • Make an impact on your students

      • Finally have time & freedom

      • Help others succeed

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do you have questions about the course? Look below for some of our most frequently asked questions.

      Do I have to be techy to create my course?

      I'm not a published author - can this program still help me?

      How much time will this take each week?

      What other financial requirements will there be to make this course work for me?

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