It's time to learn how to make more money without sacrificing a life of freedom to do it.


The Work Less, Make More Podcast is for business owners who are ready to up-level their current business model without adding a million hours to their work week. 



The Show Mission

You started your business to be your own boss, work when and where you want, to help people and live an abundant lifestyle. But the reality is... you work too hard for not enough revenue; you’re exhausted and overwhelmed. You love what you do, but you want time off without losing money. 

Each week Donna Ashton shares tips and strategies to help you quickly create & make money with courses. Plus, interviews with powerful entrepreneurs using the Work Less Make More approach to their own business so they are living the laptop lifestyle.


Let’s take all those years of expertise and experience and package them into an online course that leverages you business!  Courses allow you to reach and help more people (wherever they live!) and provide the freedom to step away from your business.


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Meet Donna

Donna Ashton

Course Coach

My mission is to teach you how you can easily take the process you already have and add a course to your business to create a Freedom Lifestyle.
Whether you’re running a full coaching practice, busy agency, are speaking and traveling or just slammed with family and life – adding digital products creates leveraged income sales, without more work for you.



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