Whitney McDuff

Public Speaking Coach

"I wanted to create more freedom for myself and my schedule so I could focus more on family. "

I was also at a place in my business that I was ready to scale but unclear about what that looked like.  Donna provided clarity and a strategy for what that would look like and how I could open up my calendar while increasing my income through a course.


It feels great to be able to help this many people at one time.  I’m looking forward to continuing to build courses and increase the amount of time I can spend with my family."

Meredith Newlin

"I started a course on my own last summer and couldn’t sell it."

"Donna helped me clarify my target market and really speak to them, and she helped me find the missing pieces when it comes to marketing and packaging the course.


I had a mindset problem that teachers wouldn’t pay for my course (I tried free, low everything.. but nothing..) when I finally embraced the value of the course- I sold it for $497!”

Jeannie Spiro

"I went into this event feeling confidence with the programs that I was offering and got the highest results EVER!”

“Donna looked at creating my programs in a totally new way and was able to structure them so clearly that 85% of those who attended my event bought into one of the two programs. Donna redesigned my programs by leveraging my time and creating a better result for my clients. Of all my live events, this was the easiest time EVER to enroll into my programs. The numbers are still rolling in but I made close to $250,000."

Katie Blomquist

Non-Profit Founder

"I’ve already had 3 people sign up! That’s $3K-$5K in 8 weeks and I’m just getting started.

"Donna told me about how I could turn my intensive workshop into an online course! Since I began taking her program, Donna has explained everything I need to do to make my own course successful. I’ve already had 3 people sign up and 2 more as strong maybes!


Donna has encouraged me along the way and has been my biggest cheerleader! If you are thinking about starting your own online course, I highly recommended letting Donna teach you how!”